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About Us

Rabbit Hole Brew Station was started by two brothers (Greg and Bryan Welling) that wanted to make mead, cider, and other fun stuff. Our current sub-brands include: Sour Sea Cow Ciders, Thirsty Dragon Meads (Honey Wines), and Vicious Vinegar. We don't currently have a tasting room, but there are some things in the works.

Contact Information:

Phone: 772-618-3575

Sour Sea Cow Logo - MerCow

Sour Sea Cow Cider is our cider label. Our ciders are all sour. They are all gluten-free. And, they mix well with other drinks.

Thirsty Dragon Logo

Thirsty Dragon is our line of meads (honey wines). Our meads are blended either with fruit (melomels) or with herbal spices (metheglins). They are delicious, gluten-free, and mixable (mead mixed with ale/beer is called a braggot).

Vicious Vinegar

Our Vicious Vinegar is apple cider vinegar fermented from Sour Sea Cow Ciders. Each flavor has a distinctive strong taste.

Rabbit Hole Brew Station - Fort Pierce, Florida