Thirsty Dragon

Current Flavors:
  • Elder Dragon: Mead (Honey Wine) with Elderberries
  • Hibiscus Dragon:
  • Mead (Honey Wine) with Hibiscus
  • Blue Dragon: Blueberry-Honey Wine with Natural Flavor

Thirsty Dragon makes a variety of meads (honey wines).

Mead is made by fermenting the sugars in honey into alcohol.  For this reason, it is also called honey wine. 

Although we often associate mead with Vikings and the Middle Ages, mead is actually much older.  It is one of the world’s first alcoholic beverages.

Mead’s taste varies depending on the type and amount of honey used in preparation.  The addition of fruits or spices also affect the taste.

Mead can be classified by its level of sweetness, its level of alcohol, or by its ingredients. Although relatively rare, mead is making a comeback as part of the craft brewing movement.

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